Best IDE for Angular development

Best IDE for Angular

Angular is the type-script-based, open-source, and reliable Javascript framework responsible for making interactive and next-level mobile and web applications. We will see what are the best IDE for Angular development.

It was seeded in 2009 by Google to help developers create scalable and responsive web applications.

By the time Angular has come up, it has revolutionized the field of web development.

The reason is simple as it features interactive single-page applications.

Angular is a javascript framework that enables web developers to combine javascript files with HTML and CSS.

Now creating a separate logical part is not a big deal as Angular uses two-way data binding.

Other than that, this framework lets you integrate with the external libraries that are useful for quick development.

Angular’s robust framework is becoming popular with each passing day that increases the role of IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) options along with it.

If you are thinking, what’s the IDE?. No worries!. IDE’s are the software or a program which makes the web development process simple and smooth.

Additionally, it is capable of integrating the software into the system and analyzing the whole development process.

So, Without wasting time. Let’s dive into the 5 Best IDE for Angular to see how they assist you in your angular developments.

List of 5 Best IDE Tools for Angular

There are numerous IDE tools currently present for angular developers but very few of them are good ones and that is a must for any angular developer to make use of.

These 5 IDE tools I have handpicked provide hands-on productivity.

1. Angular IDE

Best IDE for Angular development

The first one is Angular IDE, as its name suggests that it is developed especially for angular developers. It was released by Webclipse and is used as a stand-alone plugin or with a combination of an eclipse.

The highly intuitive interface and rich toolkits make it a good option for beginners as well as experienced programmers.

Formatting will be easy for you as it ensures it to be performed for separate blocks or an entire file.

Other than that, it validates auto-complete functions for HTML templates and supports the advanced editing of typescript 3.0.

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Notable Features:

  • Auto-complete functions for HTML templates
  • CLI Integration
  • Smart  Support for angular 7
  • Ensures block and full-file smooth formatting
  • It displays errors at the time of coding
  • Amazing support for typescript 3.0
  • Coloring and highlights the syntax-aware source is impressive


2. Visual Studio Code

Best IDE for Angular development

Visual Studio Code is also popular by the name VScode.

This source code editor is very popular among developers due to its interactive interface, snippets, and refactoring feature sets.

Developed and maintained by Microsoft and supports numerous platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Additionally, it supports Typescript, also debugging will be easy for you, intelligent code completion, imported modules, etc.

If you are new in the field of web development, start with this IDE work as it supports a lot of programming languages and has lots of features that will help you through your journey.

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Notable Features :

  • It provides seamless import of third-party modules and functionalities
  • Involves Quick debugging
  • Comes with in-built Git commands
  • Validates and Auto-complete with Intellisense
  • Language support is impressive
  •  Customizable and extensible.
  • It comes with conveniently highlighted syntax and codebase refactoring


3. Webstorm

Best IDE for Angular development

Webstorm is one of the finest code editors built on Intellij and was released by Jetbrains.

If you are someone who loves to do code review a lot, the best way today is branch comparison in Webstorm IDE.

Now no more time juggling on multiple plugins, Webstorm IDE comprises loads of built-in developer tools and enriching framework support that lets you save a lot of your crucial time each day.

It allows easy debugging, intelligent code completion, and integration with VSC. Apart from this, it is packed with a plugin environment with easy configuration and local history features.

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Notable Features :

  • Equipped with version control system
  • Debugging, tracing, and testing will be easy in this IDE
  • Easy navigation and codebase refactoring
  • It supports Node.JS, HTML, and CSS
  • It offers built-in terminals for Typescript editor
  • Tool Integration


4. Atom

Best IDE for Angular development

Atom is an open-source hackable text editor currently available in the web market.

Developed by GitHub, the most popular and reliable IDE for the development of Angular projects. No matter if you are using Android or Mac or Linux too, it is compatible with all the major development technologies out there.

It has a lot of eye-catching features that give an amazing experience, especially to the angular developers. The best part is that you can hack every part of Atom at your convenience.

With massive community support from GitHub, it has helped several developers by offering active contributors to plugins.

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Notable Features :

  • Offers Cross-Platform Editing
  • Smart Auto-completion
  • Has Multiple Panes
  • Packed with Built-in Package manager
  • File System browser


  1. Brackets

Best IDE for Angular development

The last one is Brackets maintained by Adobe, which is a modern open-source text editor famous amongst web designers and developers.

Though it is lightweight yet the most effective and powerful IDE for angular developments. Brackets have inline editors that let you open a window into a code that you care about the most.

Other than that, it allows real-time connection to your browser and to make changes on HTML and CSS and see them instantly on the screen.

It Supports Windows, Macs, and Linux too. Overall, it is a focussed visual tool, a good option for designers and front-end developers.

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Notable features:

  • Get a real-time connection to your browser with a Live preview feature
  • Javascript inline editors
  • Enhanced Preprocessor support


Final Words

I hope that this list of the 5 best IDEs for angular makes sense for you.

The IDEs that we have discussed above are the most widely used and the most popular ones among web developers. Ultimately, everything depends on the developers how they code.

All the IDEs listed above are the most reliable ones and reduce a lot of the hard work of developers and more importantly from which you can take more advantage in developing high-performing applications.

I hope you have made your choice, I am leaving that part for you. You just make your choice as to which IDE you will go for.

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