Vim editor themes and color schemes

Are you thinking of switching Notepad++ and a text editor like sublime? If it’s so, then you should consider VIM editor. I have given a list of the best VIM themes. See how they create an appealing aesthetic when you use them to set up the editor.

VIM is the best for programmers. In fact, VIM is ranked 1st in the list of best programming text editors.

You must be thinking about why VIM is the best programming text editor? Why not Notepad++ or some other text editors?

Don’t worry!

Let me quickly introduce vim.

What is a VIM editor?

VIM is a free, open-source, text editor present online. The best for those who love writing codes and it operates quite similar to the other text editors like, Notepad++ or sublime.

This text editor is known for its versatility and dynamic nature that increases the capabilities of the Vi UNIX editor. It can run on CLI (command line interface) or GUI (Graphical user interface).

When it comes to themes that means we are talking about color schemes and that are installed by default. Themes are actually for giving a new look and feel to your code.

VIM comes with a few cool and elegant color schemes.

Vim color schemes are nothing but a superb combination of color that lets your written code highlight. Also, color schemes become handy especially to identify numerous kinds of data types, functions, and more.

Gruvbox Theme 

Vim editor themes and color schemes

Gruvbox is one of the best and most widely used themes for VIM text editors. It can be used in both light and dark versions.

Other than that, it has a reddish background that makes it look clear and consistent when you toggle between the colors.

A bright theme with pastel retro groove colors offers a lot of customization options including the size of the tabs, contrast of color scheme, icons, and many more.

While the development of this theme, the primary focus was to distribute colors evenly, contrast enough, and pleasing to the eyes

Molokai (Dark theme)

Molokai is one of the most popular and downloaded themes for an integrated development environment.

This theme is a good option for those who love coding in a dark background as it has a dark grey background. Additionally, it can support around 256-color terminals.

One half-light

Vim editor themes and color schemes

One half light color scheme is an amazing, clean, vibrant, and elegant color theme not just for VIM text editor but also it is best for sublime, iTerm, and many more.

What makes it a standout among others is harmonious colors and elegant styles for UI elements.

Plus, it offers a super combination of colors for graphical user interface and cterm, etc. Also, offers matching themes too.

The tender color scheme for VIM editor

Vim editor themes and color schemes

Are you looking for a dark and fresh color scheme for your VIM text editor? If yes, you must go with the Tender.

It comes with a 24-bit color scheme and is best and suitable for those who love coding for long hours and developed by Estilo, an amazing text editor theme.

This theme has been developed by Estilo and is suitable to code for long hours.  However, on the minus side, this theme doesn’t compatible with the older versions of vim

Solarized Dark

Solarized Dark is yet another one of the famous Vim themes and was created by Ethan Schoonover. It is segregated into 16 color palettes in which 8 are accent colors whereas there are 8 monotones as well.

The major highlight of this beautiful theme is that it is available both in light and dark mode.

On top of that, the Solarized Dark theme has numerous unique properties. It is designed as per the CIELAB lightness relationships and the fixed color wheel relationships. 

Paper color-theme light theme for Vim Editor

Are you someone who wants their text editor to do syntax highlighting light as well as dark?. This theme is something you can think of.

It is simply the best and only one theme that is a light and dark color scheme. The best talking point is that it has been made under the influence of Google’s material design.

Also, it has improved code readability and is a great one for making presentations.


Do you love the low contrast theme? If yes, this theme is for you. It is one of the finest low-contrast color schemes for Vim text editors.

It is very pleasing to the eyes and quite famous among programmers. While developing, the creators majorly focus to design it in a manner so that it could keep one in the zone for long programming sessions.

Till now, this beautiful color theme has been passed on to several editors and Integrated development environments.

 Jellybeans (Vim color scheme)

When it comes to versatility, Jellybeans. vim ranks top as it works well in both light and dark backgrounds. Jellybeans. vim, created by NanoTech, is one of the most widely used colorful and dark color schemes present in the web market.

Though this theme is mainly designed for graphical VIM, what we have seen is that it supports several terminals including 24-bit, 256, 88,16, and 8, etc. 


Vim editor themes and color schemes

Purify is a color scheme useful for those who want their text editor to look clean and vibrant. It has a simple yet beautiful color scheme and can support almost all languages.

Do check out and have a pleasing aesthetic experience while writing code.


The oceanic-next theme is an amazing and classic theme similar to the oceanic-next theme for the sublime.

Though this is somewhat ported from oceanic next for sublime yet it does not use all the color combinations, only uses a few colors that fit to work with vim editor. So, Check out this beautiful theme

Conclusion on best VIM themes

I hope now you are clear with your choices for VIM color schemes. I have tried to make you understand the VIM themes with the above-mentioned themes.

All themes that I have discussed are popular ones.

Therefore, Go with one whom you think meets your requirements well. However, you still have some queries regarding VIM color schemes. Let us know in the comment section below.

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