10 best Intellij themes ideas of 2024 [Real Eye Saver]

best intellij themes

Choosing the best intellij idea themes and color scheme is not that easy task. Picking the right one for your eyes is really a complicated task to get involved in. Well we have got it covered for you. [su_note note_color=”#FFF9C4″]If you are thinking to start coding or you are coming from a long time, then … Read more

Best NoSQL databases list of 2024

Best NoSQL Databases list

With introduction of some of the best nosql databases in the market , gone are those days when developers adopted the methodology of one database per application . Now even single app could have plural number of databases . All thanks to these key value databases. Before moving on to the list of nosql databases … Read more

10 Best Intellij Plugins Will Make Life Better in 2024

Best IntelliJ Plugins

So i see you were looking for best intellij plugins. Voila, you have landed up at the best place then. With extensive usage of Intellij idea among JAVA developers , be it Android or native JAVA.  With so many IDEs getting into competition, but having such a huge plugin marketplace makes Intellij IDEA a clear … Read more

Best Books For Coding Interviews in 2024

best coding books

If you are a developer , finding good coding books becomes too important to enter the world of programming. Programming, which is often referred as coding is one of the most interesting and useful activities that one can opt to do.  It is a combination of creative thinking, logic building, solving problems, creating a better … Read more

Best Python Ide for Beginners

Best Python Ide for Beginners

List of best python ide for beginners : Python is one of the most widely popular programming languages in the world. There a number of factors that makes it so popular among-st the programmers and developers. Well talking about the technical specs of this language, Python provides a much easier syntax that makes it easy … Read more

Best JavaScript Frameworks trending in 2024

Best JavaScript Frameworks

List of best JavaScript frameworks : If you have been into designing and developing web applications then you must have heard about JavaScript. JavaScript is a front-end language that is used to create web pages. But that’s not all about JavaScript. This language has amazing frameworks that are loved by the developers. Well if you … Read more

7 Best download manager Ubuntu / Linux of 2024

Best download manager ubuntu

Here are some of the best download manager Ubuntu and Linux distros . We have selected client based on top and most popular among community. These days download managers Ubuntu download manager are not the same as hey used to be some time back. Nowadays these download managers have lot to offer compared to traditional … Read more

5 Best IDE for React and ReactJs text editors of 2024

best ide for react

Have you just started working with ReactJS ? We have listed some of the best ide for react which will help you write the react code effieciently. These text editors have been tested by developers before including. What is ReactJS ? Reactjs is an open Source, component-based front end library responsible for making interactive User … Read more

5 Best Python IDE for Machine Learning trending in 2024

best python ide for machine learning

Writing machine learning code without IDE is quite impossible. Even if we try to do so , we end up getting confused and without real time execution which could be bit problematic. To solve the same problem we have created this guide of best Python IDE for Machine Learning. If you are not aware of … Read more

11 Best Editor for Web Development IDEs trending 2024

best editor for web development

I guess you were looking for best editor for web development. Here are top code editors and IDE for software developers with HTML, CSS and JS Support. Are you a web developer ? This guide of best editor for web development is purely dedicated for you. I agree web development can be achieved merely with … Read more