11 Best Editor for Web Development IDEs trending 2023

I guess you were looking for best editor for web development. Here are top code editors and IDE for software developers with HTML, CSS and JS Support.

Are you a web developer ? This guide of best editor for web development is purely dedicated for you. I agree web development can be achieved merely with some basic text editors also. But the point here is you should not. There are many best ide for web development available in the market, which makes the task easily achievable.

A code editor has too much impact on a developers productivity. It doesn’t matters if you are new geek or an old hands. You can totally agree to me on this point. These editors are life save as compared to text editors.

Its totally up to you to choose either a best free ide for web development or a paid one. However almost all the code editors provide some enriching features for your development. Only in case you need some really smart features , you can go for pro versions.

There are tons of text editors, code editors, IDEs, and more out there in the market for you to choose from. So what is the criteria for picking one ? Do you research based on the best ide for web development mentioned below and choose one, which provides you what you want.

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[su_note note_color=”#FFF9C4″]Picking best editor for web development is one time task , isn’t it ? Nobody changes IDEs now and then. So you have to be very careful which picking that best free ide for you. [/su_note]

Best Editor for Web Development 2019

1. Atom text editor

Atom code editor

Atom is one of the most popular and widely used text-editor among the developers. Its amazing features provides a whole new level of coding experience to the developers. Atom is an open-text editor and free to use.

It is an application built-in JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, and HTML and comes from a popular open-source community, GitHub. It operates using the Electron framework.

Because of the intense community support and flexible design this text-editor has gained a lot of supporters. It is for sure one among those best ide for web development out there in the market.

Let us see some more amazing features of this text-editor:

[su_box title=”Features” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″]

  • It is free to download and can be used on Windows, Linux and OS X.
  • Atom features a built-in system with which you can install new packages or create a custom package for yourself.
  • It supports features like auto-completion of code, Fuzzy Finder, mini map, tree view and many more.
  • In addition to this, the Atom text editor also provides facilities like drag and drop with which you can drag a chunk of code and drop it at another place in your file. It also provides multi pane facility to edit and compare the code of various files in your project.


2. Brackets text editor

Brackets code editor

Brackets is another amazing text-editor that is used by web designers. Written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, brackets is also an open-source platform. With the built-in visual and pre processor tool support, it becomes easy and interesting to design websites.

Let us go through some of the top features of Brackets:

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  • Like most of the modern text editors, brackets also provide a user-friendly programming environment to the developers.
  • Brackets support the live preview feature that helps the programmer to see the changes on the browser instantly as soon as the programmer writes the code.
  • The Brackets editor supports a number of keyboard shortcuts and advanced features like split- screen. Also, plugins provide additional support.


3. Visual Studio code ide

visual studio code

Visual Studio Code or popularly known as VS Code is Microsoft’s source code editor. It runs on approximately every operating system like Linux macOS and Windows. VS code combines the functionality of source code editor with developer tooling.

It is faster than most of the text-editors, like in starting up and it also runs frictionlessly.  VS Code is one of the best editor for web development . It is a perfect editor for the regular users as it supports a large number of programming languages with great ability to debug.

Some of its listed features are:

[su_box title=”Features” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″]

  • Visual Studio Code supports syntax highlighting ability with different colors, auto-indentation, bracket-matching, and many more.
  • It comes with a user-friendly customizing ability with different themes and plugins. One of its most appreciable features is it’s IntelliSense, a code completion aid. It has its own Git view which allows users to run various Git commands.
  • VS Code provides built-in aid for Node.js development with JavaScript and TypeScript. It has amazing tooling for web technologies like HTML, CSS, JSX/React, SCSS, Less, and JSON.
  • VS Code is an open-source project in which anyone can contribute to the continuously growing community on GitHub. Unlike other scenarios that work unusually good without any configuration, VS Code grows with its user and optimize the experience which suits the needs.
  • Apart from many features, the Go Live facility helps the developer to see the changes instantly on the web browser.


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4. Sublime text editor

sublime text editor

The Sublime text editor is a very popular editor within the community of web-developers. It’s a light weight and fast code editor that is packed with plugins and features that most of the developers love.

It usually supports various markup and programming languages. It is also famous for its customization and versatility irrespective for the languages like JavaScript, C++ or Java.

If you are looking for one of the best text editor for web development , here it is undoubtedly.

Some of the features of Sublime text editor are:

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  • It has a Python-based plugin application programming interface or API.
  • It provides quick navigation to any file, any line, and any symbol. Users can also perform simultaneous editing, that is an interactive change to more than one selected areas.
  • The text-editor provides supportive plugins for cross-platform. The spell check functionality corrects spelling automatically as soon as you type.
  • The Sublime text editor is available for Windows, OS X as well as Linux.
  • Sublime text has an amazing feature of Go to Anything command which gets activated by hitting Ctrl+ P shortcut on the keyboard and last but not least is its auto-saving functionality.
  • A new version of Sublime Text called Sublime Text 3 has been released on 29 January 2013 and officially released on 13 September 2017. At first, it was not publicly available for general users but after 28 June 2013, any general user can use it.


One of the cons of the Sublime text editor is that it is not free. But it is free for trial and which will not restrict the users from any of its features. It is also typical while integrating it with Git.

5. Notepad++

notepad plus plusThe Notepad++ text-editor is an upgraded version of the default notepad application that comes with Windows operating system. It is a free and open-source editor which is written in C++.

One of the amazing features of Notepad++ is that it is small in size and supports more than 50 programming languages. It usually feature in all the best free ide for web development guides or lists.

Its some of the finest features include:

[su_box title=”Features” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″]

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Markup languages.
  • Auto-completion for programming.
  • It systematically highlights codes according to the supported schema, multi-document (tab-interface).
  • It’s GUI is customizable and many more.


6. Vim


Released in 1991, Vim is a cross-platform solution that has continued to be one of the favorite text-editors for the developers. The text-editor has got a dedicated and large community of its users that create useful updates and new scripts for the platform. Vim is extensible and customizable.

7. NetBeans


NetBeans is one the most powerful and liked IDE used by the web designers. It has many amazing features that most of the editors provide. Like most of the text-editors, NetBeans is also a free and open-source application.

It is a helpful application that can be used for developing various desktop applications, mobile applications or web applications. NetBeans supports many programming languages including PHP, C++, JavaScript and many more.

The NetBeans text editor is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux too. In addition to this, the NetBeans IDE is also a great Angular JS IDE and an amazing tool to work with Node.js also.

8. Komodo Edit

komodo Edit

Komodo edit is another widely popular platform for developers to build attractive and amazing applications. This platform boasts powerful extension options for easier and better coding.

It is one of those best free ide available out there. Komodo Edit supports a wide range of scripting languages and hence this editor can be a perfect platform for your web designing tasks.

Like most of the editors and IDE’s, Komodo Edit also provides basic features that provide a better programming experience like customizable UI, multi-window editing and split view, autocomplete feature.

Some of the other features of this editor are:

[su_box title=”Features” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″]

  • It is available for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • Graphical Debugging for PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, etc.
  • Add-ons that allows a high level of customization.
  • Highlighting and syntax checking detects multiple languages within a file.
  • The Komodo Edit automatically indents your code as soon as you type.
  • It supports a ton of extensions and plugins which you can install for enhancing the performance.


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9. PhpStorm


PhpStorm is a coding platform that is developed by JetBrains. This is one of the best coding platforms for the web developers that work with the frameworks of PHP like, Laravel, Magento and many others.

The PhpStorm provides a detailed insight into everything that happens in your application and your code. The user interface of PhpStorm is very easy to use and attractive.

It enables the use of various front-end technologies too like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc.If you are a php developer , this one is for sure best editor for web development for you.

Some cool features of PhpStorm are:

[su_box title=”Features” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″]

  • Error Highlighting.
  • Smart code navigator.
  • Command-line tools.
  • Debugging and Refactoring tools.
  • Automatic code completion.
  • It is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.


10. Light Table

light table

Light table is a customizable, free and open-source IDE that offers a number of modern features like plugin support, command pane, etc. Created by Robert Attorri and Chris Granger.

Some of the amazing features of the Light Table are:

[su_box title=”Features” box_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#000000″]

  • It is a reactive work surface for the exploration and creation of apps and programs.
  • With Light Table, one can bring information to places you need it the most, keep clutter down.


11. TextMate


Well if you are a Mac user then TextMate can a be a good option for a text-editor. TextMate is exclusively for the Mac users. This text editor provides amazing features like word completion and auto-indentation. TextMate supports many programming languages.

This text-editor also comes with a special tool that is specifically available for building the Xcode projects.

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Conclusion on Best Editor for Web Development :

There are a number of text editors available on the internet and they have their own unique features and fan base. There is no best ide for web development as such. It all depends on usage scenarios.

So, choosing a text-editor is the developer’s choice because in the end it’s the developer who has to write the code. All the text-editors discussed above support a user-friendly environment and try to give the best coding experience to the developer.