Best NoSQL databases list of 2024

Best NoSQL Databases list

With introduction of some of the best nosql databases in the market , gone are those days when developers adopted the methodology of one database per application . Now even single app could have plural number of databases . All thanks to these key value databases. Before moving on to the list of nosql databases … Read more

10 Best Intellij Plugins Will Make Life Better in 2024

Best IntelliJ Plugins

So i see you were looking for best intellij plugins. Voila, you have landed up at the best place then. With extensive usage of Intellij idea among JAVA developers , be it Android or native JAVA.  With so many IDEs getting into competition, but having such a huge plugin marketplace makes Intellij IDEA a clear … Read more

Best Python Ide for Beginners

Best Python Ide for Beginners

List of best python ide for beginners : Python is one of the most widely popular programming languages in the world. There a number of factors that makes it so popular among-st the programmers and developers. Well talking about the technical specs of this language, Python provides a much easier syntax that makes it easy … Read more

Best JavaScript Frameworks trending in 2024

Best JavaScript Frameworks

List of best JavaScript frameworks : If you have been into designing and developing web applications then you must have heard about JavaScript. JavaScript is a front-end language that is used to create web pages. But that’s not all about JavaScript. This language has amazing frameworks that are loved by the developers. Well if you … Read more