Most used themes for notepad++

best notepad themes

Do you know what the most important features of any computer-based screen are? It’s nothing but its color scheme, in this case, notepad themes. And, that implies the same with the notepad++ as well.

Notepad++ is a free, open-source text and source code editor in the world of programming.

Today, when everyone loves coding then it’s most important to give them the most convenient environment for doing so.

Notepad++ aligns and focuses code and is compatible with Microsoft Windows. It makes sure a best and rich environment with its theme for editing and carrying out other tasks too.

Why Notepad++ themes are best for you?

Why notepad++ and not other options? The reason is simple, it comes with a lot of theme options including dark mode themes.

It has pre-defined sets of text formatting rules letting you modify text colors, background colors, styles, and fonts, etc. Additionally, with its built-in themes, you can change colors at your ease.

On top of that, the themes provide a consistent text/background color scheme that provides a convenient environment while writing codes.

Over the years, notepad++ users have been thinking about whether there is any way to change a default theme. So, the answer is Yes.

There are numerous themes that you can add to your themes folder to change its looks.

In this article, I am going to talk about the themes that can help developers and programmers focus their codes while writing.

So, let’s get stuck into them.

List of Best notepad++ themes

The LUNAR theme for notepad++

Most used themes for notepad++

Lunar is a new, beautiful, and eye-catching theme for notepad++ users present in the web market. What I found amazing is that it supports syntax highlighting for most of the good 13 libraries, MySQL, and even gm_navigation modules.

It is one of the best and reliable themes to make use of, especially if you are fed up with writing codes in the default old windows theme notepad++.

So, try this out as it supports much more syntax highlighting than the old good Lua lexer theme.

Dark Material Theme

Most used themes for notepad++

This theme is best for those who love writing codes in a dark background. This theme comes with a Monaco font ( One of the most readable monospace fonts).

It lets syntax highlight a wonderful counterbalance, and cool design at the time of writing codes.

This theme is also famous as a Monaco theme among developers and programmers. Do check out and enjoy writing code in a convenient dark environment.

Dark Neon Notepad++ Theme

Most used themes for notepad++

Dark Neon Notepad++ theme is simply the best theme out there with the ability to change the look.

It was created by Peter Faria and by the time it has been present online, claims the best and sustainable dark theme for notepad++ users.

Neon has a superb combination of colors and a whopping around 1462 downloads with dedicated support for editors as well. It has a black background but at the same time, it comes with a combo that includes white, yellow, pale, and green colors.

Dracula Notepad++ Theme

The Dracula theme for notepad++ is one the most popular and widely used themes among programmers and developers.

It involves syntax highlighting in different colors including green, yellow, black, and pink backgrounds and that makes it perfect for anyone who loves working on it.

The superb combination of colors and the beautiful interface makes it stand out among other themes. You can simply get it through Github. So, Do check out this awesome Dracula notepad++ theme for you.

Github 2017 Light Theme

Github 2017 light themes is one of the lightest themes for notepad++ users. The best talking point is its simple and intuitive user interface design. Everyone loves light themes from normal coders to experienced ones.

That is the reason notepad++ adds a charm into its repository of themes. It’s wonderful, simple, and pleasing for the eyes with a lot of modern customization options and color schemes which you can get easily anywhere online

ICLS Theme

Most used themes for notepad++

Notepad++ ICLS is the best theme currently present online. A good choice for those who still want their text editors to look like the default Notepad++ themes.

It comes with a load of color combinations including a white background. This theme is best to grasp the layout.

Some themes use different color schemes to display the codes in rainbow style. But there is a difference in this theme as it uses only a few.

Waher Style Notepad++ Theme

Do you want a comfy background theme?. If yes, this theme is for you. Other than comfy backgrounds it has good color combinations for syntax highlighting.

This Waher Style Notepad++ theme claims to be sleeky, and a cool design that is not just pleasing to the eyes but also it reduces stress and fatigue.

So, Do check out this theme and work on your projects for long hours.

Solarized Light Theme

Solarized Light Notepad++ theme is the best and one of the most popular themes out there. It comes with a load of arsenal features including 16 palettes ( best in use of GUI and terminal applications).

This particular Notepad++ theme was intended to design in a way that ensures less brightness with low contrast.

Other than that, it also retains different color combos to provide easy readability and syntax highlighting.

Bespin Theme for Notepad++

It is one of the finest themes for notepad++ users.

Bespin was first introduced by Mozilla in the form of a web-based experimental code editor which now works with Notepad++.

It comes with a brown-colored background along with a different color combination including yellow, pink, white, grey for syntax highlighting. Get it for writing code effortlessly.

Nord Notepad++

Most used themes for notepad++

Nord Notepad++ is an arctic, north-bluish clean, and awesomeNotepad++ color theme you should think about for you.

It provides a fluent and clear workflow that makes this theme famous among developers. Additionally, This beautiful Nord theme offers a dark background color to reduce eye strain.

Conclusion on best notepad themes

All the themes that I have mentioned earlier in this article are the best ones. If you want to take our suggestion, go with the one which you think is the most convenient and provides ease to you while working on projects.

To be honest, themes can be preferred as per the programmer’s convenience but why not go with the best one when you have it, and honestly saying that provides better usability and comfortability while working.

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