Who is using golang in production ?

The release of new programming languages had always attracted attention of developers all around the world. Every new programming language created has its own unique features and uses which makes a task done easily. For the same reason there are many companies that use golang in production.

What is Golang ?

One such programming language that has been observed to gain massive popularity over the years is Go. Go is also known as the Golang programming language.

Known for its scalability, superior error checking, concurrency, this modern open-source programming language is developed at Google.

[su_note note_color=”#FFF9C4″]This programming language was created to tackle the problems of the existing languages as well as preserve their significant characteristics. One more core reason for the creation of this programming language is to help the programmers to manage large code bases. [/su_note]

Over the years many versions and updates have been made in the Golang to improve the programming experience. Well, let’s see why Go is a great programming language.

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Why Go ?

Golang is a simple and easy to learn programming language. In the real world where the large-scale software are written by a team of developers with varying skills, there is a programming language needed that can be easily learnt and which should encourage comprehension and readability. And this is where Go comes to play.

Let’s see some of the amazing features of the Golang:

1. Binaries :

Golang generates binaries for the user’s applications with the dependencies built-in. This is helpful as it will remove the need to install the runtimes which are necessary for the running of your application. This also eases the task of providing updates against large number of installations and deploying the applications.

2. Easy Language Design:

The developers of Golang have kept the language easy and simple to understand. Golang prefers composition over inheritance. In addition to this, it’s type system is elegant. It allows for behaviour to be added without tight coupling the components too much.

3. Static typing:

Golang is a programming language which is statically typed. A programming language is called a statically typed language in which the variable types are explicitly declared and are determined at the compile time. This helps the programmer by avoiding the problems faced in dynamically typed languages, where the issue is found when the code is being executed.

4. Concurrency support:

Another amazing feature of Golang is it’s first-class support for concurrency in the language itself. Golang’s concurrency primitives via go routines and channels makes the concurrent programming easy. It’s ability to take advantage of efficient memory and the multi-core processor architectures is an amazing feature that makes lets the developers to use Golang in their applications.

5. Testing support:

Unit testing is brought right into the Go programming language itself. Golang comes with a built-in testing tool that is designed for efficiency and simplicity. It makes minimum assumptions and provides you with the simplest API. This feature can be used to provide executable code examples and for different kinds of profiling and testing.

6. Standard Library:

Golang comes with a powerful standard library which is distributed as packages. With a look at the pages you can easily understand the power in them.

7. Package Management:

Golang combines today’s developer workflow of working with the open-source projects and is included in the way in which it manages the external packages.

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Which companies are using golang in production ?

[su_note note_color=”#FFF9C4″]Today, many big and popular companies are using Golang not only for their backend work but also for the client-side projects. Apart from this the inherent concurrency features makes it a good and useful programming language to handle parallel requests.[/su_note]

Let’s see some companies that use Golang programming language:

1. Uber

The company has written many services in the Golang programming language. The Geobase is one of the services of uber written in Go programming language. It is used to match the riders to drivers. In fact the Go programming language powers a majority of QPS services at Uber.

2. Google

The Golang is used in many internal projects of google. Google has a service which is written in Go programming language. This service runs the dl.google.com-the source for Android SDK, Chrome, etc. Other big user services like golang.org and Youtube also use it.

Using the Google App Engine’s native support for Go, there are many small projects that are developed in Google. Apart from this, Google uses Golang for their vast interval server infrastructure.

3. Twitch

Most of you must be familiar with the online live streaming service, Twitch. This online live streaming platform focuses on live streaming of video games.

In addition to this it also streams creative content, music broadcasts, and much more. It is a subsidiary of Amazon. A useful service of this platform is implemented via a combination of C++ and Golang.

The transcode system of the Twitch transcodes the RTMP stream taken from the broadcaster and then transcodes it into various HLS streams. Apart from the transcode system, Twitch uses another service which is written in Golang. The distribution function which is meant to provide the highest quality of the video streaming experience.

4. Dailymotion

Hosted in France, Dailymotion is a popular video-sharing website. If you are a Dailymotion user then you may find some working similarity between Youtube and Dailymotion. Dailymotion streams videos which also includes the original content created by the Dailymotion studios.

The Dailymotion uses the Go programming language for the automation of the End to End test cases and the automation of the API’s. With the help of Golang they conduct hundreds of the automation tests every month.

Since, Golang is fast and powerful so they use Golang for huge loads of automation testing. In addition to this Dailymotion has developed most of their backend projects using the Go programming language because of its features like, static type checking, good performance and simplicity.

5. SendGrid

SendGrid is an online cloud-based email service that is reliable to deliver large number of emails on behalf of an organization or a company. The scalable, customizable and reliable APi’s of SendGrid are developed using the Go programming language.

6. Medium

The Medium is an online content publishing platform which is also using Golang for it’s services. They have written a service in Golang which is used to manage their Neo4j database. In addition to this, Medium also uses the Golang for some backend services and image processing.

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[su_note note_color=”#FFF9C4″]To know more such companies based on country , you can probably refer this awesome list maintained by Golang itself : https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/GoUsers [/su_note]

Why companies use golang in production ?

Due to its language design, easy understanding, and many other amazing features , it has been seen that over years Golang has been adopted for many projects and many big companies for developing their services.

As discussed above about the features of this language, Golang can be a good choice for your projects. If you have never heard about Go then I hope that after reading it you might be interested in giving a try to Golang.

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