Check Python string in string with contains, find and % functions

Python string in string contains find

Wondering how to check for a substring in with Python string in, contains, and find functions? Here’s a guide that explains all functions with examples. There are several methods in python that can resolve this problem. Let’s discuss each method more deeply with explanations, and programs. We have written a few more articles if you … Read more

Check if JavaScript array is empty, null or undefined in 4 ways

JavaScript array is empty

It is very easy to check if JavaScript array or object is empty but might need additional checks if you want to also check for null or undefined. [su_note note_color=”#FFF9C4″]For checking the emptiness of an array we will use array.length property in most of our examples. It returns the number of elements present in the … Read more

Create JavaScript key value array pairs using easy examples

JavaScript key value array

This is by far the most simple tutorial I will be writing. What forced me to write this guide on creating JavaScript key value array pairs, were some comments I received in other Js tutorials. If you are a Js developer, you might need these scripts probably most of the time. Be it a Js … Read more

Stop and remove all docker containers with easy commands !


If you are looking for how to stop and remove all running docker containers, here are a few simple commands to help. These are valid for docker compose also. Docker commands are not OS specific so these should run fine on Ubuntu, Windows, or Mac. There are multiple ways to achieve it. This blog post … Read more

Redirect URL in Javascript : How to tutorial with examples

Redirect URL in Javascript

Wondering or stuck on how to redirect URL in Javascript ? We have created a definitive guide for you. The best thing about programming, especially web programming is that the developers have a number of options to do a particular task. The web developers get a variety of programming and scripting languages with each language … Read more