I built a free forever feedback platform from scratch in Pandemic !

Hey there, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story about how namelss, an anonymous feedback platform was created all from scratch during the COVID pandemic.

Since my full-time job got converted to WFH setup, I was wondering what to with the extra time I am saving these days (ex: office commute time, no self-cooking time, etc). Also, I wanted to learn Clojure and wanted to create a well-structured production-ready app.

So I started looking for a project idea to work on. Just then I found one of my colleagues was struggling to find a tool wherein he can be the single host and invite other people to give feedback in real-time (sort of chatroom ) but all the participants can be anonymous or named based on their personal preferences.

Bang! This was a perfect idea and requirement intersection wherein I could have achieved all that I wanted (side project + Clojure based app).

Within no time I wrote an RFC/ADR doc around the concept. As soon as I felt I have captured basic requirements from the project, I started work on it as well.

In just 2 months, working mostly on weekends and sometimes usual days, I could make it production-ready and here I am launching it today.

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About Namelss

  • 🙅 No login/auth required by host or participants
  • 🎭 Participants can be totally anonymous
  • ✈️ Unlimited participants can join
  • 📥 The host can export feedbacks/chats as CSV
  • 🔒The host can lock room for entry when required participants have joined in.
  • ⏳Realtime chatrooms and sessions

Bonus :

  • 📱The app is a PWA so it can be installed on any device
  • 🔐 Conversations are E2E encrypted
  • 🕸️ Minimal UI
  • 📟 Open Source
  • It helps with :
    • People giving feedback can be totally anonymous
    • The host can interact and introspect feedback with audience realtime
    • No limit on the number of people that can join the same room at a time
    • No context of the data being stored

More details in the Github repo here

Please do upvote us on Producthunt if you like the product :

Namelss - An anonymous feedback platform with realtime chat rooms ! | Product Hunt Embed

Please do try out the app and let me know what all upcoming features you would love to see.

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